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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to travel?

All passengers travelling will need to have the following in order to enter the port -

  • Booking Reference Number 
  • Photo ID  
  • High-visibility vest or jacket 
  • Any other paperwork relevant to your journey 

Any drivers entering port to deliver or collect unaccompanied units will also be denied access to port if they do not have Photo ID and a high-visibility vest or jacket.

Can I ship trade vehicles?

We offer shipment of trade cars and other vehicles on our Irish Sea routes between Belfast and Liverpool. Please be aware of the following -

  • Trade cars are shipped on a “first available” basis on the loading officer's discretion. Confirmation for a particular sailing is not a guarantee that this is when the vehicle will be shipped. It may be up to a week after delivery before shipment
  • Do not plan to collect a trade vehicle until you have confirmed with us that this vehicle has shipped
  • Cars can only be collected or delivered in Belfast 09:00-16:00 Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays)
  • Cars can only be delivered in Liverpool 06:00-15:00 Monday-Friday and 06:00-12:00 Saturday. Delivery is unavailable on a Sunday. Collection is available in Liverpool 24 hours a day
  • All trade cars must have a valid GMR added to their booking before arriving at port. Cars which are dropped off without a valid GMR will not be accepted. 
  • All persons delivering or collecting trade vehicles must have photo ID, high-visibility vest or jacket and a booking reference

Is my Stena Line ferry ticket refundable?

Yes, ferry tickets can be refunded if we are notified prior to certain booking deadlines. View late handling cut off times.

Please contact our booking team during business hours and before the cut-off times at or call +44 (0) 1772 368 221 to make any necessary changes to your booking.

What is classed as non-standard cargo onboard a Stena Line vessel?

Non-standard cargo includes hazardous goods, abnormal loads and human remains. If you are shipping any of these, visit our vehicle dimensions page, contact our booking team at or call +44 (0) 1772 368 221 for more information.

Can I book a single cabin for my journey?

Cabins can be upgraded at Guest Services onboard the Stena Line vessel (subject to availability). An additional charge will apply.

Can I take pets and animals on Stena Line ferry bookings?

Not all ferry routes allow pets and animals on board. Please contact our booking team at or call +44 (0) 1772 368 221 for more information. 

Please note that shipment of animals including horses can be restricted by weather conditions. The final decision about whether animals will be allowed to travel will come down to the Captain of the vessel.

What is included in the price of my freight ferry booking with Stena Line?

Stena Line freight ferry bookings typically include

  • A berth in a shared cabin (where applicable)
  • Complimentary meals
  • A separate freight drivers lounge onboard

Features vary depending on the ferry route.

Can I travel on the passenger service with my commercial van?

No. Commercial vehicles designed for the purpose of carrying goods for hire and reward or other commercial practices must be booked as freight with Stena Line. You may be fined if you book on a passenger service.

Do I need customs paperwork? What do I need to know?

If you are travelling between the United Kingdom and the European Union, you'll require customs documentation (or customs exemption documents) for your goods and voyage, such as export / transit / import declarations, safety and security declarations, and Port Passes (if applicable).


The type of customs documentation required depends on a variety of circumstances and may vary across trips. Please double-check with your customs agent or broker at all times.

What is a Port Pass?

Port Passes (known as GMR in the United Kingdom, PBN in Ireland, and Portbase in the Netherlands) are typically generated using reference numbers provided on received customs paperwork. The most typical instances include export/import or transit MRNs, as well as ATA carnets and NATO form 302.


  • Port Passes are also required even for empty vehicles
  • Unaccompanied empty vehicles are considered cargo by the Border Agents and are consequently subject to full customs procedures

Without the required reference numbers for customs documents, you will be unable to generate a Port Pass with the relevant authority, preventing admission to the port. Prior to a vehicle's arrival at a port, they ensure all customs procedures have been completed.

The Stena Line Port Pass Generator can help you with these procedures.

Do I need to make a customs declaration if I am travelling with tools?

Yes, you will always be required to present some type of customs documentation. If you are temporarily exporting over £1500 worth of tools from the United Kingdom, you must have an ATA Carnet. Below this threshold, an oral declaration might be permitted.


Oral declarations are not permitted for travel between the UK and EU across the North Sea. Additionally, obtaining an Irish PBN Port Pass by oral declaration might be rather difficult.

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